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Our office works with a variety of legal issues and matters, but we concentrate on Criminal Law, Federal and State litigation, Employment law, and Trademarks.  


The Office
Strategically located at Centro Internacional de Mercadeo II in Guaynabo, our office is approximately a ten-minute drive to the Hato Rey Federal Courthouse and the Bayamón Judicial Center, and approximately fifteen minutes away from the San Juan Judicial Center.

787 774-0600 787 774-0600

Employment Law

Our lawyers can represent you in all types of employment litigation before State, Federal, and Administrative forums, and can assist you in a variety of corporate and labor-related matters.

Trademark Law

Selecting a strong trademark allows you to invest in marketing and advertising, knowing that the mark you are promoting is well protected from competitors and imitators.  


CLICK HERE to learn about our trademark registration services and rates.

Federal and State Litigation

We represent clients in all types of litigation in Puerto Rico's Federal, State, and administrative forums. 


The information contained in this site should not be understood as legal counsel or to establish an attorney-client relationship. Use this web site for general information only.  Please, contact us by email or phone to obtain additional information.

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Centro Intl. de Mercadeo, Bldg.2, 90 Rd. 165                                   787 774-0600 787 774-0600

Suite 309                                                                                

Guaynabo PR 00968-8058



Centro Intl. de Mercadeo, Bldg.2, 90 Rd. 165

Suite 309

Guaynabo, PR 00968-8058


Tel.: 787 774-0600 787 774-0600

Fax: 787 774-0605



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