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We represent our clients in all types of employment litigation before State, Federal, and Administrative forums, and assist them in a variety of corporate matters relevant to their employees.


Employee manuals serve to inform employees of the main company policies affecting them
- including those related to sexual harassment, trade secrets, and medical leave.  Employers who fail to properly inform employees of their policies increase their liability risk under various state and federal employment statutes, and may fail to protect trade secrets or confidential information.


We assist our clients in drafting employments contracts that clarify the conditions of employment and the expectations of the parties when hiring new employees or promoting existing ones.  Employment contracts are often used to establish probationary periods and to include covenants not to compete.  To benefit from a 90-day probation period when hiring a new employee, employers in Puerto Rico must have their new employees sign a written contract in which such a period is properly established.  Covenants not to Compete must also be established in writing, and in accordance with Puerto Rico law, in order to be valid.


The termination of an employee is a sensitive matter that may open the employer to liability from many different angles.  We assist our clients in limiting their potential liability towards current and former employees by drafting and negotiating termination agreements.  Termination agreements may be used by themselves or in conjunction with a written termination policy to limit employer exposure.

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